Cinematic luts & lightroom presets by AAA Presets -

Our mission at AAA Presets is to make post-production editing simple, efficient, and enjoyable. We believe that creating stunning visuals should be a breeze, whether you're a seasoned professional or a budding amateur. Our presets and LUTs are designed to help you express your creativity and tell your story through images.

"Do what you really love, and you'll live your greatest life." Asanka Dilshan, CEO and Founder of AAA Presets,

Cinematic luts & lightroom presets by AAA Presets -

Our presets and LUTs are designed to help you optimize your workflow, so you can spend more time capturing the world around you and less time sitting in front of a computer screen.

At AAA Presets, we take pride in our carefully crafted presets and LUTs. Our growing team of skilled photographers, led by Asanka Dilshan, is dedicated to producing presets and LUTs that enhance a wide range of images. Whether you're looking to create a specific mood, add depth and dimension, or simply enhance the colors in your photos, we've got you covered.


Asanka Dilshan, our founder, is a business owner, photographer, and social media marketer. He began learning graphics design, website development, and photography at a young age and studied business, accounting, and marketing in college. Despite early setbacks, Asanka persevered and launched several successful entrepreneurial ventures.

It all started when Asanka published his presets and LUTs on and received 12 orders in just one week. From there, AAA Presets has grown into a global brand with over 10,000 customers worldwide. Our presets and LUTs are now available through leading marketplaces like Envato Elements and Filtergrade.

There's a good chance that you've heard the phrases "preset and LUTs" before. Image editing programs like Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as video editing programs that make use of LUTs, utilize presets and LUTs to refer to a set of parameters that can be applied uniformly to all of your photographs and videos with a single click. Initially, our team made and adjusted these presets to better suit our needs as photographers.

We enjoy photography because we love looking at photographs. When we first started receiving compliments on our work, we initially thought it was due to our efforts alone. Photos captured by coworkers or strangers are always fascinating to us. While we were skilled photographers, we had difficulty with post-processing editing. However, we were able to rely on the presets and settings we created, which can improve photos instantly with just one click.


At AAA Presets, we understand the importance of time-saving solutions for busy creatives. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to designing and editing each preset with care and attention to detail. Our presets and LUTs are curated to help you take your photos and videos to the next level, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

We're passionate about helping you achieve success and expressing your unique vision through your images. With AAA Presets, you can take your ideas to the next level and make your mark in the world of visual storytelling.